Eden survey shows workplace satisfaction on the rise

While workers in Ireland are more content this year than in 2017, younger employees are less happy than their middle-aged counterparts and private sector staff are less satisfied than those in the public sector. These are the findings of research commissioned by Eden Recruitment.

The survey, conducted by Coyne Research among 1,000 adults, reveals that 6 in 10 workers are ‘happy’ in the workplace, compared with 20% who admit to being ‘unhappy’, rising to 25% among 35-44 year olds. The over 55s were the most contented demographic surveyed. 65% of public sector workers professed to being happy at work, compared to 58% in the private sector. Female employees were more likely to be dissatisfied than male.

Overall, 35% of those surveyed said they were happier at work this year than in 2017, with one quarter admitting to be less happy. Again, dissatisfaction was highest among 35-44 years olds. 40% of public sector staff were happier this year than last, compared to 32% in the private sector.

“We hear lots about the stresses and strains of modern work life, but these findings bear witness to the relatively high levels of fulfilment and opportunity which the buoyant employment market offers in Ireland at present,” says Ken Lee, Chief Executive, Eden Recruitment. “From talking to clients and candidates, we know that the tight housing environment is a major concern among employees, especially those in their 30 and 40s, and this is reflected in the survey.”

“The continuing gender pay gap may help explain higher dissatisfaction levels among female staff.”