Managed services

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Growth is an imperative in every business today, but managing that growth can be taxing on an organisation, not least in the area of staffing. US multinationals operating in Dublin in the information technology space are a compelling case in point. Here the need to “ramp up” to meet rapidly changing market demands can be extreme and immediate.

A core competency at Eden lies in delivering managed services to an ever wider portfolio of such blue chip clients. We are entrusted to employ and manage staff according to these clients’ business needs. Staffing can extend from one person to payrolls in excess of €3m.

Our policy is that employees have to be paid on time, every time, with no exceptions. Clear parameters are set down in relation to invoicing, expenses etc and are adhered to diligently by our payroll team. Payment terms are agreed and strictly adhered to.

Our managed services product affords our clients great flexibility in managing growth.

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